Tony Robbins,  Entrepreneur, Author and popularly known as the strategist of success and catalyst of change, talks about the reasons why some of the most successful people ask for his advice. These are the people who are well-known in sports, finance, politics and entertainment including Serena Williams and President Clinton.

Here are some of his motivational tactics:

If you can develop a psychology of resiliency in yourself, you don’t have to be optimistic or fake, you can be real. And the realness is you are larger than anything that can happen to you.

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Tony Robbins

“I know how to take a person in their highest peak and take them to another level consistently whether in sports, economics, politics, etc.”

“I have developed a set of skills on how to shift human behavior, performance or motion into the next level.”

“I don’t talk about what I do with people.”

He is simply great and each of us needs a “Tony Robbins” in our life regardless of who we are. This is a pivotal part of our success. We need a business mentor and life strategist. And finding a business mentor is easier than you think but it’s a long process. You just have to go out there and talk to any prospects and develop a relationship over time and determine if this person inspires and moves you the way you want to.

Remember, integrity and a good set of values are important from a mentor. It doesn’t have to be a traditional or official mentor/mentee relationship. You must feel the support and genuine encouragement for your professional growth from that person. Lastly, allow yourself to be open to possibilities and never forget to nurture that relationship.


Who is your mentor?

Tony Robbin’s quotes about goals and his best piece of advice he received:

“Add more value to anyone than anybody does and you will never have to worry for anything. Be the person that does more for others and life will just be anything you want out of it”

“Every day, work harder than anything else because you can become more intelligent, more skilled and more valuable to other people”


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