Heads up beautiful people!. Here’s another inspiring thoughts about entrepreneurship.

Marie Forleo is a well-respected American life coach and motivational speaker. She is also an author of great books and the founder of MarieTV, where  she gives a piece of advice to people who need help on business and living the life they love.

Excited after graduation, Marie started her career in the corporate world and just like other undecided newly graduates, she moved from one job to another.  The best job offer she had is from VOGUE magazine, yet job satisfaction was never her goal so she rejected that offer and chose to work as a personal assistant and dishwasher. This is to sustain her needs while pursuing her dream to become an entrepreneur. She definitely made a wise choice. Because of her success, he has been featured on Oprah and invited by Richard Branson in his event to talk about success and entrepreneurship.

These are her inspiring thoughts:

On Job Security 

Job security is a thing in the past that no longer exist. Mostly, people are independent and freelance workers. They want to do their own thing and because of technology, we have this connection with machines and we can do anything right in our finger tips. This creates the desire to do our thing and do it in our own way.

Why We have To Love Entrepreneurship

If you knew that you have the potential and you are good at something,  it’s not always good enough if you want to make a living out of it. You also have to know how to run a business i.e.  understand marketing, target market, odds, ends, etc. Your passion should not only limit to your expertise, it must extend as well to entrepreneurship.

Thoughts On The Little Voice Inside You

No matter if you’re a starter, very successful or well-accomplished, there will always be a little voice inside your head.  There will be voices of self-doubt and fear. But having that little voice in your head is universal  and it’s common to all of us. But what’s not common is the ability to disengage with that negative thought  and engage it with what we want in our life and you should learn and master how to do that.

inspirationWant To Start A Business? Just Give It  A Go!

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What’s your WHY in creating a business? You got to do something greater beyond your business. If you feel like there’s a calling in you that you want to give it a go. Give it a go. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You give it a go for few years. You learn a ton of things about yourself and about the world. And you move on to your next career and wind up in the next company. Your learning might help you with that and bring your entrepreneurial spirit in there. Rather than torturing yourself with overthinking, give it a go. None of us knew what’s going to happen in the future. We treat every single thing as an experiment. We never know what’s gonna work. Just give it a go.Quote

If Your Are Confused, The Best Thing To Do Is Engage With It

Clarity comes from engagement, not thought. Give it a go. Rarely we find something just by thinking through it. But we always find our truth when we have the courage to step out and experiment. It is the best way to help ourselves find our own truth. The best way over any book, any guru or expert.

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“Probably Later, Is Really Not A Good Idea.” You Are Procrastinating. 

Practicing daily is as important as brushing your teeth. Train yourself that what you are doing matters a lot. Don’t procrastinate. Think of it as ” My gift does matter.” There are people out there that need what you have to offer. Every single matter on this earth has a set of gifts that they are only here to give. If you don’t do what you want to do, you are stealing from them.

Great motivation indeed. Comment if any one of these deeply resonated in you.

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  • Capt Foti

    Many valid points, but also many fallacies in this article. “Mostly, people are independent and freelance workers.” …Really? where’s your statistics on that? By most people, do you mean most wealthy people who can afford it? Furthermore, it depends on your definition of job security. here’s a site that has actual statistics to back up it’s claims of 10 professions with the best job security http://www.marketwatch.com/story/10-professions-with-the-best-job-security-2015-03-20
    How much do you know about running a business? Now think about how many people will fail miserably trying to start their own because it just takes so much actual time, money, and intellect to be successful? Just saying, it’s not that easy and not anyone can do it. Most people prefer to just show up to work and collect a pay check, that’s why most people are not entrepreneurs. You should do more research before publishing lies… just saying!

  • Kris Orqla

    It is true that becoming an entrepreneur takes so much time but not on money and intellect. A lot of successful entrepreneurs can prove you that. Also, with regard to the statement about being independent and freelancers, those are based from Marie’s if you watched the video above. This article only encourages people with entrepreneurial mindset to go out there and start acting on their dream. It is absolutely difficult and there will be times of failure, but that’s not the point. The point is whether you learn from that, move on and and persevere. I admit that I may not know much about business, but I am learning every single day. I think that’s absolutely incredible for my part. Great comment though. Appreciate it!