Evan Carmichael’s 7 tips in starting a business. I totally agree with number 7.

Evan CarmichaelImage Credit: Evan Carmichael l Facebook

1. Pick the wrong business and you’re screwed. If your only goal in business is trying to make money and be the next multi-billionaire, you’re not going to make it. Look at some of the successful business people. They succeed because they want to make an impact and mean something to others. Money is important, but it should not be your number one reason in starting a business.

2. Make the perfect plan. Don’t focus on it too much. There is no such thing as a perfect plan. If you do, the tendency is it will hold you back. The best thing to do is plan a little and start right away. Your plan will be perfected along the way as you get feedback from your customers.

Spend Money3. Spend money. You don’t need too many things to start a business. You need “YOU” to go out there and start to hustle. Don’t think or spend too much money until you’re making money.

Image Credit l Marie Forleo

4. Doing it alone. You can’t do it by yourself. You can start looking for volunteers to help you.

5. Jump into the wrong partnership. Don’t! The best thing to do is start on something with a small project with that person and see in the long run if both of you fit together otherwise, you will regret it.

6. Operate in a bubble. Stretch your comfort zone and learn from others to become a better entrepreneur. You have to learn from others who have done it already. You need a  “Tony Robbins”.

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7. Start with a product. It’s so much easier to start a service business because you are not investing anything except your time. That allows you to get close to your customers, refine your message and service and then launch a product. Try to look into what you are naturally doing at and start with that. Look within and notice your strengths.