Anthony Casalena SquarespaceIn this exclusive interview, Alexis Ohanian tells us about Squarespace’s success story and it’s founder, Anthony Casalena. From a dorm blog to a great successful company, which it snagged a VC funding worth $79 million dollars, Squarespace managed to compete with WordPress.

Basically, in making a website, it’s either you learn how to code,  use a ready template or hire someone else. But for Squarespace, is one of the easiest ways in making a website with absolutely gorgeous designs so the user can focus on other important details. But how did it become one of the most successful startup companies?

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Squarespace allows us to create really quickly and beautifully  -Doug Jaeger


Squarespace started as a blogging tool for a college student and over time it became a platform for online portfolio and an engine for e-commerce. Anthony, the founder, started the company almost all by himself for three years in his college dorm. He ran the company and started almost everything  as the sole engineer, designer and support representative. But accordingly, it took him 3 years to realize that he needed help.

One person alone cannot build an empire.

For him, to go to the next level, he must start recruiting people to join his team and he knew that it was one of his weaknesses. Regardless, he forced himself to practice and learn from it. Now, his team composed of great people including from former workers of Spotify and Pandora.  Today, Squarespace Headquarter’s office is in New York and has grown to 380 employees with ‘tens of millions’ of revenues.”

These are some of his great thoughts and lessons he learned. 

There were times that I was totally stressed-out with the voice in my head that I can’t do this anymore. So, I just pushed it aside and said:

“Shut up voice. I got this.”

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His advice on startup 

There are some expectations that you are going to change the world. It’s a big ambition, and it’s great.  But it’s actually better to start and solve problems in small layers until you actually get to the point where you have the capacity to do that.

His thoughts on why Squarespace

I love programming. I love making things since I was younger. I love how it impacts the people. It gives them a platform that they can use it easily and sometimes it changes their lives. It’s a cool feeling.

“Like, if we’re hiring an engineer, we’re looking for someone who has loved making things since they were a kid,” he says. “If you’ve been doing it since you were a kid, you’re doing it because you like it. And we want to find people who are aligned with where we want to go.” 

Squarespace continues to awe the users with its easy to use templates. It has a whole bunch of beautiful designs and continues to ramp up its tools to compete with WordPress.

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